Book Study: Maximizing School Librarian Leadership

Maximizing School Librarian Leadership: Building Connections for Learning and Advocacy (ALA Editions 2018)

In the 2018-2019 academic year, I blogged and provided a forum for book study discussions on each chapter in the book. See the months listed below in parentheses next to each chapter.

In this book, preservice and practicing school librarians, district-level library supervisors, school librarian educators, school principals and administrators, and others will find strategies to position school librarians as leaders. In their leadership and instructional partner roles, school librarians make essential connections that build and sustain a culture of learning in their schools. In the process, they engender library advocates for the vital work of the school librarian and the essential role of the library program in education. Selected figures and graphic organizers from the book are available online as Web Extras from ALA Editions.

Book Study

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Preface (Book Study: Preview: Maximizing Leadership: Keyword = Collaboration and From Where Does Your Authority Come?)

Introduction (Book Study: Maximizing Systems Thinking and Book Study Invitation)

Chapter 1: Building Connections for Learning (Book Study) Chapter 1 One-Page Summary

  1. Building Connections for Learning
  2. Mindsets for Learning
  3. Collaboration and Leadership Are Essential
  4. Professional Development Is Key

Chapter 2: Job-Embedded Professional Development (Book Study) Chapter 2 One-Page Summary

  1. Reciprocal Mentorship
  2. Classroom-Library Coplanning
  3. More Engaging Curricula
  4. Coleading Alongside Your Principal
  5. Tangent Topic: Educating Young and Future Voters

Chapter 3: Inquiry Learning (Book Study) Chapter 3 One-Page Summary

  1. School-wide Inquiry Learning
  2. Curiosity, Experimentation, Creativity
  3. Diverse Creative Expressions of Learning
  4. Inquiry Empowered Learning Culture

Chapter 4: Traditional Literacy Learning (Book Study) Chapter 4 One-Page Summary

  1. Becoming Literate: A Lifelong Process
  2. Common Beliefs About Literacy Learning
  3. Coteaching Comprehension Strategies During Inquiry Learning
  4. The Gifts of Traditional Literacies
  5.  Tangent Topic: Looking Back, Looking Forward

Chapter 5: Deeper Learning (Book Study) Chapter 5 One-Page Summary

  1. Deeper Learners = Empowered Learners
  2. Deep Learning Opportunities
  3. Questioning for Deeper Learning
  4. Standards, Inquiry, Deeper Learning

Chapter 6: Digital Learning (Book Study) Chapter 6 One-Page Summary

  1. Digital Learning Instructional Partnerships
  2. Digital Learning Dispositions
  3. Differentiated Digital Professional Development
  4. Reciprocal Technology Mentorship

Chapter 7: Assessment (Book Study: March, 2019) – Chapter 7 One-Page Summary

  1. Sharing the Power of Assessment with Students
  2. Assessing Students’ Dispositions
  3. School Librarian Evaluation
  4. Educator Reflection

Chapter 8: Leadership and Advocacy (Book Study) – Chapter 8 One-Page Summary

  1. Leading Successful Advocacy Appeals
  2. Advocacy: An Essential Component of Daily Practice
  3. Advocacy: A Long-term, On-going Process
  4. Advocating for What Students Need to Succeed
  5. Read or Die: A Book Review and a Call to Action

Chapter 9: Sustaining Connections in a Collaborative Culture (Book Study) – Chapter 9 One-Page Summary

  1. Continuous Learning, On-going Assessment
  2. Collegiality and Teamwork
  3.  Community Connections
  4. An Effective Teaching Force

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